The process of adaptation from the previous residence in the house tread to the apartment does take quite a long time. Because if you usually ‘stepped on the ground’, you certainly will not find this in the apartment. Or if living in the settlement tread when opening the door will be no neighbors who greet, in the apartment life more famous individualist. Not infrequently between residents do not know each other’s names and even each other’s face. Staying in an apartment in the middle of town is better than a house on the edge of town. You agree? Because characteristic in the apartment in accordance with the characteristics of organic social solidarity, in which social solidarity between citizens created based on needs or interdependence. The apartment is now a new phenomenon. The residents are indifferent, working, coming home, tired, not socializing. To cultivate a neighbor’s neighborly life in an apartment, the developer must inevitably interfere. The first thing is to provide public facilities, such as jadescape floor plan.

In the jadescape floor plan, especially in the middle class, the lobby is small so that people just pass away. Likewise with green parks and other facilities that can be used for together, usually a little measure so that residents rarely use it. However, currently, the developer seems to have been quite active and keen on overcoming the problem of individualism in the scope of the apartment. It may be that the joircape floor plan provides a co-working space facility, in which the living occupants can work in the same room, not in their own room unit. The facility is also equipped with free WiFi feature. While the residents can enjoy the clubhouse which has a fitness center and swimming pool, commercial area, and green open space. According to the developer, this space is believed to make the inhabitants mingle and get to know each other.

Typically, some residents of the jadescape floor plan complex will be asked to participate in sponsoring events for residents. For example the celebration of the historic day, social service, sports together, or watching together. When your apartment environment holds such an event, immediately take part to come and try to interact with anyone who comes. The apartments have common facilities such as swimming pool, fitness center, playground, or laundry room. Nothing wrong for you routinely visit all these facilities, minimally twice a week. For those of you who like fitness, try to open themselves to the citizens who are also fitness. So on for all facilities.