You need to know that dirty carpets can be dangerous. There are animals that can live on the carpet. When that happens, it is best to call a professional such as to help you get rid of the animals. Here are some of the animals that can live in your carpet:

1. Ants
Ants are a common type of insect in the home and they are also often found to live in carpets, especially dirty carpets caused by crumbs of foods. Even though ants are harmless, ants are sometimes irritating. Ant bites leave marks or bumps of red and itchy.

2. Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are animals that usually live in mattresses, blankets, and carpets. Bed bugs are not always associated with dirt or lack of hygiene, bed bugs are also found living on mattresses, blankets and clean carpets. Although bed bugs do not transmit the disease its presence is a nuisance.

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