Liposuction is a surgical procedure that definitely involves surgery. However, surgery performed in a liposuction procedure is not as complicated and as difficult as other surgical procedures. Before surgery, we recommend that you adhere to the advice and advice from the doctor. Have you tried to find out more about Sonobello prices? Make sure that you won’t get charged with additional or even hidden cost when undergoing such this plastic surgical procedure.

Before you decide to do liposuction, you should do a site survey and the doctor who will handle you. This needs to be done because it can avoid product incompatibility with your body. Choose a place and doctor that many people trust. The more examination procedures performed before liposuction, the better the place. It can be your choice to do liposuction safely and comfortably.

Based on surveys and research, it has been proven that clients who do not comply with the doctor’s orders are often denied surgery. This action is carried out on the basis of safety and security principles in operating procedures. As for certain things and conditions that must be avoided if you want to do liposuction, as follows.


Not only men, currently there are many women who smoke. Indeed smoking is a source of various diseases, including high blood pressure, lung cancer, impotence and heart problems, and many more. The main core of this disease is a disorder of the circulatory system. Smoking can actually cause blood vessels to narrow or even close.

With this in mind, smoking before taking liposuction will also have a negative impact. The thing at stake is the end result of liposuction. If two weeks before liposuction you are still smoking, then it can risk inhibiting the healing process of the wound.

Consuming blood thinning drugs

Blood-thinning medications are usually consumed by someone diagnosed with heart disease. It is better to consume this drug for a while before taking liposuction. If the drug is still consumed, it is feared that it will cause severe bleeding during surgery. Or it is advisable to rethink whether to do liposuction or not, this is due to the many risks of complications that are expected to occur after liposuction.