moose hunting is almost always a unique experience, though it can either get great results or not. However, our expectations must be able to get big, fast, safe, and also not disturb the natural ecosystem. If you want to raise the level of success and to make it feel good, I share suggestions that might help you when moose hunting. But before that, you can visit our website and join our hunting trip with best Canadian moose hunts in British Columbia.

Here are some things you need to do before hunting:

1. Obtain official permission from the local Ministry of Environment’s conservation office or the Ministry of Natural Resources office. Check the official website. There you will find information and terms to get moose hunting permit. License fees range from $ 40 to $ 200 depending on each region, after which you will get important info for the next day:

– How long the hunting season lasts. Usually, the “season” is divided into the types of weapons used. For example rifles, bows, and arrows, etc.

– How many tails can be hunted
– What type of moose may be hunted
– Other safety requirements, such as shirts during hunting and hunting hours

2. Note also about the law of gun use in your area. Because usually, most hunters use guns. Go to the licensing office for the use of rifles in your area. Never mess with the law, obey, if you can not use it use a bow or arrow that its use is more secure. If you already understand and all conditions are met, make hunting permissions immediately.

3. Wear the appropriate hunting suit. What you wear may seem trivial, but it’s definitely more than you think about how important that dress is to you. When you meet other hunters, try to mingle, then ask about things you do not understand, which you use later, that determines whether the hunt is successful or not.

– Orange. Moose cannot see well. If you are going to use a rifle, make sure how many oranges you will use.

– Camouflage. Make clothes that will be used later look good, can blend with the color around but also looks cool. Depending on the current season, you can adjust the color that will be used later.