What did you know about AMC ticket prices? Most people prefer watching in the Cinema rather than watching it at home, besides the quality of the video displayed and the atmosphere is certainly very different. Some tips from me in choosing a cool movie, as follows:

1. Choose the genre you like

Everyone certainly has different tastes in terms of cinema film genres, like me personally, preferring cinema films that are action or adventure genre. On the other hand, sometimes choosing films with a romantic genre.

2. Read the Synopsis of the Film to watch

This second tip is very rarely done by others because people are more interested in seeing from the title. Well, if we already know that the storyline will be less exciting. However, it could be that the title does not describe the storyline, for example, there is a movie title that only mentions one of the characters in the film. So that it is not wrong to watch, it helps to read the synopsis a little.

3. The preferred actor

This is very influential in its own satisfaction. There are some good actors in playing their characters, some are normal even though the storyline is very good.

4. See the Film Trailer watch

If you are lazy to read a synopsis and browse who the actors are, there are other alternatives you can do, by looking at the latest movie trailers in theaters. The core storyline is usually displayed in movie trailers. Well, so we can know where the story will be taken and the conflicts that occur. If seen interesting and tense, maybe it could be the choice of the film to watch.

The more you know, the more you will get the unforgettable moment that you create during watching movies. That’s why nothing goes wrong with your decision to collect as much information related as much as possible.