For women, bags must be items they must always have. Many women always choose the ladies briefcase very carefully because it is tailored to their various needs. One type of bag they always have is a leather bag. If you also have this type of ladies briefcase , then you must know various ways to care for it. One of the most common stains in leather bags is ink.

Ink stains are very disturbing to your appearance. So, some of these methods can help you in removing the stain in your favorite leather bag. There are two ingredients that you can use, like

– How to hairspray: Spray hairspray on the ink spots until it is wet. Rub with a cotton swab or cotton. Repeat until the ink disappears.

– How to alcohol: Pour enough alcohol into a cotton swab and rub until the ink on the leather bag is gone. Repeat again if it’s still left. Sometimes, using alcohol may not completely remove ink marks.

Hairspray is a cleaner that is more effective at removing ink. But if you don’t have it you can also use alcohol. Even so, there are many types of leather materials and the possibility of not matching your leather bag.
Before deciding which one to use, it is better to try it in another bag part which is hidden whether hairspray or alcohol makes the skin material fade and dry. If your leather bag becomes dry, avoid using it because it can damage the skin.

It’s always possible that your bag will get dirty with ballpoint ink. So, now you don’t have to worry anymore, try the method above. Because you will definitely put a pen in your bag and there is always the possibility that the pen will leak and hit your bag so that the stain that is there can make your bag look bad. Make sure that you always take good care of your bags, especially leather bags that have quite expensive prices. Also, keep various items that you carry so as not to cause stains.