The name WordPress is no stranger to the internet developers. Many large websites use WordPress as their platform. So why do not you try to use it too? WordPress can be optimized as much as possible to create a sophisticated website. Aside from that, we also highly recommend you to hire the licensed and trusted Charles Brian International to solve your SEO problems.

Here’s how:

Take advantage of the video header feature

Since version 4.70 WordPress already supports video-based headers. Header in the form of video will make the appearance of your website interface becomes more interesting. Especially now people’s interest in video is increasing. So it can be ascertained the video in your website header will quickly attract the attention of people to browse the contents of your website.

Use theme and design compatible with mobile browser

Smartphones and tablets on the market today are increasingly sophisticated even the operating system is almost the same level as a laptop or computer. So do not be surprised if now people prefer a smartphone or tablet to do the job or just for browsing. If you use WordPress as your website platform, then choose a theme and design that is compatible with a smartphone or tablet browser. If you insist on using old version themes that are difficult to open in the smartphone browser, then certainly a lot of users who then out of your website.

Try drag and drop theme

WordPress theme layout there are many ranging from simple to complex. If you are a beginner at WordPress, choose a drag and drop theme that is easy to use. With drag and drop themes you can create and organize websites without the need to work on dizzy biking coding. Drag and drop themes also allow you to experiment with the layout of the website until you find the right layout.

Consider cyber security

The more advanced the internet world the more advanced also the knowledge of hackers in doing cyber attack. You may think your website is still small so it is not possible there are hackers who are interested in attacking him. Do not get used to thinking like that. You do not know how hackers think so any website has a risk of cyber attack.