Is the right place to book the golf course online? Don’t focus only on the selection of the golf course because there are many other things that need your attention. There are various brands of golf tools that you meet at a sports shop even though you are a serious player and have the low handicap, often having difficulty choosing the right golf equipment and in accordance with your wishes. Check the grip, the rubber handle of the golf cart handle is still good or has been loose.

Measure the length of the stick according to your posture. It is not convenient if your body posture is too short and you choose a long stick that will affect the control of an unstable swing. Check the shaft, if there are scratches that cause cracking and breakage. In addition to golf sets, you also have to choose a ball. There are various types of golf balls, especially those that must be considered are compression or the level of violence, most golf balls have a hardness between 30-100 compression.