Usually, the flour used is flour which has a protein range of 11% -13%. So it can be said that flour is a blend between high protein flour and medium protein flour. (eg: chakra + triangle, mountain + compass, golden rope + blue bear).
If you use high protein flour, the results will be large and expand to the top. If you use the protein you are eating soft but the results are not high and big. Apart from that, if you don’t want to make it on your own, and you still want to buy some, just check out the Duck Donuts menu prices.

Besides that, the moisture content in flour is maintained not more than 14.5%, because above that number it will easily cause fungi, bacteria, lice etc.


Sugar that is used in donut dough is not much, a maximum of 15% of the weight of flour. Sugar here functions as a flavor, food yeast, gives color, makes it soft, lasts longer.


Salt for flavor and control of fermentation


Fat functions here only as a lubricant for dough so that the food is delicious and for the durability of donuts.


Usually more likely to feel when eaten and flavor. In addition to fermentation buffers too.


Egg yolks are used for more tender donuts, also better in volume because in the yolk there is natural lecithin. Reduces the tendency to collapse when donuts are fried.
If J-CO and Dunkin do not use fresh eggs, they are usually mixed in their premix flour. Because with egg yolk powder bacteria have been minimized, and water has been removed too.


Yeast to make donut expand, producing CO2 gas and alcohol flavor.


Contains enzymes, emulsifiers, and oxidizing agents. Enzymes make fermentation better. Emulsifier makes the dough stronger or softer. Oxidizing agents to make the strong doug

The main dr dought conditioner function is to make the mixture more tender, so that when it is eaten more softly and for longer durability.


Water as a binder for all ingredients so that when the mixer can form gluten.

OTHER MATERIALS (Soy Flour / Chemical Leavening Agents / Potato Flour / Flavor)

Soy Flour (soy flour) serves to increase water absorption and endurance. Soy flour has very good lecithin for emulsifying.