As someone who lives in the present where mobility is getting higher and there is always change. Then the apartment becomes one of the attractive residential options and can be the right choice. One that you can choose is parc esta showflat. That way, then you will get many benefits by living in an apartment.

In the apartment, of course, there is always a dining room that you can use. What you need to do is how you set it up properly to make it comfortable to use. There are some tips that you can use to create a minimalist dining room in your apartment.

1. Use a mirror
To avoid a narrow impression of your parc esta showflat dining room, you can use a mirror on the wall. select a large size. the reflection of the mirror will have a big impression on the room. This method is suitable for use in small-sized apartments with a minimalist dining room attached to the wall.

2. Selection of furniture
for the furniture, you will use to create a minimalist dining room in the apartment, choose a size that is not too large and in accordance with the size of the room. Striking colors and designs you can consider.
It aims to create an aesthetic and dramatic impression. Choice of green, yellow, or red color you can try.

3. Selection of dining table
You can use oval-shaped tables that do not take too many places. This option is particularly suitable if the room has a limited area.
There is also a more practical option, which is to use a folded dining table. A table like this can be opened when it will be used and folded back for storage.

4. use multi-function furniture
if your parc esta showflat space is limited, the best thing to do is choose furniture that has more than one function, you can use kitchen island commonly used to prepare food as a dining table. You just need an interesting stool to give a different impression.