For students who have just graduated from the lecture bench, usually the problem they are experiencing is looking for a job. If this is your problem then you can visit the jobcentreonline to get the job that matches the field you learned so far.

Especially for fresh graduate, there are some things that must be considered when applying for a job.

1. Pick up your opportunities
If you are tired of waiting for the company to call you, then it is time for you to come to the company and offer to work there. As time goes by, you will be able to see the results you started.

2. Improve the quality of the job application file
If you have failed to work in your favorite company. it’s good you use the free time available to improve the job application documents.
Who knows, so far your cover letter is often rejected because of many mistakes in it, or not selling. Invite your best friend to master Indonesian or English fluently, to research your application documents and your history list.