For you women, you definitely want to show the beautiful side in the photo. Anyway, until the photos show you are beautiful and attractive, you must not be satisfied. Now, to take pictures like this, the photographer must know which angle makes you more attractive. Usually unless you are photographed by a photographer with professional lighting and sets, chances are you won’t look amazing in every photo. Aside from that, if it’s for the important wedding photography, you definitely need to know this wonderful tips.


Here are the tricks to look beautiful in photos:

Use tongue

This is one of the best and also the weird tricks. Although this may seem strange, pressing your tongue on the roof of your mouth with a smile is an effective way to help avoid the impression of a double chin that you fear women because your neck and jaw lengthen you. Please try this trick, and succeed or not.

Face Angle

You have to know which angle makes you more attractive. You can try portrait photos. That way, there will be no shadows that can make your face look wider, bigger, or slightly discolored. You can also try this pose, stand a little to the side and tilt your chin slightly up. From there, make sure to see something just above the natural line you see. When the head is slightly tilted up or down, it’s better.

Rotate your body and position your arms

Position your body 45 degrees and place the arm closest to the camera on the hip. Then put one foot slightly in front of the other, show your feet to the camera and place your weight on your hind legs.

Come to think of it, have you ever asked why every celebrity poses with an arm on her hip when facing the camera? It turns out it’s because that is to make sure that the upper arm doesn’t look big on the body. If you find the pose of the hand on the hip a little forced, try holding your arm out of that side slightly. Tilt your body towards the camera a little, with one foot in front of the other.